I already eat healthy. Can I still benefit from your advice?

What does a “healthy diet” mean to you? There are so many different diets and everyone who practices them thinks theirs is healthy. For example vegetarian, vegan, raw food, alkaline, Paleo, low-fat – just to name a few.

But it’s not that simple. First of all, we put your diet in relation to your symptoms. Only then can I show you where you can optimise your diet. It is best if you come with an open mind and assume that you can always improve yourself and your diet 🙂

Meat is part of the LCHF diet. Shouldn't we all rather reduce meat consumption?

Everyone may decide for themselves whether they want to eat meat for ethical reasons. If the answer is “yes”, I support the following statements:

– only meat from animals that have been kept and fed in a species-appropriate manner
– without any additives
– from the butcher you trust or from an organic shop.

Why organic?

– species-appropriate animal nutrition = good ratio of omega 3 to omega 6 fatty acids
– the meat contains more vitamins
– it contains less drug residues and fewer hormones

If you take into account that the whole animal should be eaten, including unpopular parts such as offal, and that 125 g of protein (which can also come from fish, eggs or dairy products) per meal is the guideline, meat consumption falls far short of “conventional” meat from supermarkets and factory farming.

Does my health insurance cover the costs of nutrition counselling?

If you are privately insured – please ask them if it is possible to take over the costs.

If you have public health insurance – unfortunately no! I hope this will change soon.

In order to be able to bill the health insurance companies, a nutritionist must be certified according to the guidelines of the DGE (German Society for Nutrition). That sounds good at first, but it is not necessarily the case. In its recommendations, the DGE sticks to many old ideas that have long been scientifically disproven (e.g. that 50-60% of your daily requirement should consist of carbohydrates). That’s why I consciously decided against training with such a provider.

The LCHF academy where I studied is at the cutting edge of science. Perhaps you know from other “health insurance benefits” such as spectacle frames or hearing aids that a basic service is covered. For a very good, high-quality model, you are asked to pay yourself.

It’s the same with my consultation. You pay for it yourself and get a first-class service from me based on current nutritional knowledge. A tailor-made solution for your needs that can support you in living a healthier life.

What is Bullet Proof Coffee - BPC?

Bulletproof coffee, also called butter coffee or keto coffee, is coffee that is mixed with pasture butter and/or MCT oil. MCT (middle chain triglyceride) is a medium-chain coconut oil that is absorbed particularly quickly by the body and, together with the caffeine, gives you an extra wake-up kick.

It is not only an elixir for people who live ketogenically, but is suitable for everyone who wants to start the day healthy and awake.

Of course, you can create this mixture yourself, but for on the go or when you need it quickly, there is an instant product from Tulipans. You can find the link to the shop at the bottom of this page.

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